7 Resources to Make Your Blog Successful by Onlinetechworld.com

If you’re looking for resources to take your blog to help you create a successful blog – you’re in the best  place. In addition to the daily blog tips that has provided Onlinetechworld.com since 20015 we have also produced six great downloadable resources to help your blog reach its potential.


Get superior content marketing education so you can build a remarkable online presence.

4 Weak to Build a Better Blog


Each day in the project contains:

  • A Task – something to DO that day.
  • Teaching – each day you’ll be given great instruction on both the WHY and HOW of the task of the day.

Make Money Blogging


The “Make Money Blogging” eBook

In this eBook I am sharing the core principles that I learned along these years and that you need to keep in mind if you want to make money blogging. There are 54 pages, divided in 5 main chapters: Content, Design & Usability, Networking, Promotion and Monetization. Here are some of the stuff covered:

  • The three mistakes that bloggers make when choosing a niche.
  • The three characteristics of good content.
  • Why your content strategy should have one cornerstone.
  • The two factors that create magnetic headlines (and how to apply them).
  • A deadly mistake that bloggers make when designing their blogs.
  • Practical tips that you can use to network efficiently.
  • A promotional strategy that most people forget to use.
  • The two requirements for making money with Google AdSense.
  • The best trick available to make money with CPM deals.


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